Michael Nielson

A few months after learning basic HTML I started studying C++, this was a great learning experience, this and a little assembly language have helped me get a solid grasp of just what I'm asking my computer as I program. Since I began programming I've dabbled in PHP, C#, Shell, and JavaScript. I have a lot of enthusiasm for programming, every problem is a chance to get under the skin of my computer, and look for new techniques and tools to make me a faster, more efficient programmer.

I've learned to troubleshoot Windows, Linux, Mac, and network problems by breaking an error down into all of its components. This ability also makes me an excellent teacher because I can explain a problem at its simplest level. My best student is my wife. I can't stand to let her use the DVR remote when we visit my family because it's too painful to watch her... struggle, but she can understand me explain binary, Big O notation, and my Shell scripts. I loved seeing her grasp onto the different sorting techniques I was studying one semester. When I explained the interior of a computers memory as a bookshelf, inserting one book could mean a lot of shifting around other books, she got it. This is one of the abilities I can offer to benefit my peers and an ability that helps me excel in a team.

I love my work!

Current Projects

My current project is tool commonly used for management statistics, the idea came from a discussion with a professor at Utah Valley University, he was tailoring a 360 management survey to the needs of the school, after some discussion we determined we could automate the survey administration and reporting. The work in progress is here.

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